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All 1 art Review

West Waterirk ch 1 cover West Waterirk ch 1 cover

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Positive review

I don't usually write reviews for art, but when I saw that the only review for this masterpiece was a fur-hater one, I had to rummage through my desk looking for my password.

The snow effects are pheonominal and the blurred background is simply amazing. the character itself and the snow on her was quite genius. you can easily see what she's thinking simply by the facial expression. this is such a lively picture and I am honoured to write a review on it.

I'm really getting fed up when people write negative reviews on the art all because there's a fur in them. Everyone has forgotten that the characters they all grew up with were talking animals to help spark everyone's imagination. Personally I don't have the power or authority to state whether or not this this picture was sparked by those old cartoons. but damn do you have an imagination!

Don't get discouraged by haters. They're simply jealous that they cannot draw as good as you.

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GabrieldelTC responds:

Exactly buddy! and i can make humans too, but i like animals as characters instead because they are mostly the characters on "fables" and that stuff, because they don´t get to the reader directly when talking about something that is wrong or social etc, you gt what i mean...

and well yeah, haha i always liked all those cartoons, they were good, there was nothing wrng in them and they were mostly animals, now days i just see crappy cartons whit little wierdo kids on them doing stupid stuff.